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NWYC Aadil Palkhivala Letter

LETTER ON NWYC INCIDENT BY AADIL PALKHIVALA AADIL PALKHIVALA’S LETTER ABOUT NWYC 2018 INCIDENT Dear teachers, sponsors, studios, and community leaders connected to the Northwest Yoga Conference, On Thursday, February

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Updates: NWYC Incident 2018

PRESS RELEASE NWYC INCIDENT PRESS RELEASE INFORMATION AND DETAILS AS TO THE ISSUE Indian-born Female Yoga Master kicked out of Yoga Conference Savitri, creator of Heartfull Meditation, dismissed from Northwest

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Color is Life

COLOR IS LIFE Article by Savitri  When I was 25, I was very ill and turned to meditation to support me. The first demand from my Spirit, through my meditation,

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Who Is Savitri

WHO IS SAVITRI? SAVITRI – Creator of Heartfull Meditation When Savitri was 11 she had a serious head injury, as a teenager she was orphaned as she suddenly lost both

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